Empowering Parents is a low-cost provider of parent aide services within Jackson County, Missouri. Empowering Parents has a goal of serving parents with children in foster care in Jackson County and developing a program providing excellence in services. We also provide services to the private sector.

We provide transportation, education, training and community resources. The services are provided in a safe environment.

Please contact our office for services that we provide. We look forward to hearing from you!

06/10/2020 - Announcement: 

Empowering Parents Kansas City stands behind the Black Community.  Our goal and mission of the organization is to ensure ALL individuals within the community have access to resources.  This statement adheres to all lives and we will stand behind equality and justice for all.  Our nation is in great turmoil and this agency will continue to ensure that mental health services, parent aide services and psychological services remain available to all persons.  We must remain diligent in supporting one another and understanding that the language of hate only sows sorrow and despair.  We shall rise above the negativity and work together as a community.  We do not tolerate racism and inequality and we shall, especially EPKC, respect all people with the dignity and worth that they deserve as Human Beings. Please understand we are here to serve the mental health needs of Jackson County and surrounding areas.





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