Lisa specializes in conflict resolution. She has mediation training which helps her specialize in working with high conflict families, including children and adults. Lisa provides individual counseling and family therapy. Lisa provides co-parenting for high conflict parents where there may be alienation, difficulty in decision making, poor communication, anger and hostility. She has experience in working with some of the best family law attorneys in the Kansas City metro area and surrounding counties. She is educated in Overcoming Barriers including parent/child contact problems and a member of the AFCC. She is also a volunteer with CASA. Lisa strives to stay neutral in her approach with parents and their respective parenting styles. Lisa has been an expert witness in multiple court cases in Jackson, Cass and Clay County. Lisa is familiar with her role in legal cases and engages in regular communication with professionals involved in the legal case. Lisa strives to maintain objectivity while building a therapeutic relationship with each family member and helping them navigate through highly stressful circumstances. Lisa also continues to maintain her support with families following settlement.


Office Manager:
Sarah Kleinsmith ([email protected])

Lisa Erickson, LCSW ([email protected])
Kelly England, LCSW ([email protected])
Christine Barr, LCSW ([email protected])
Crystal Rekker - LMSW ([email protected])

Parent Aides:
Kathleen Hendricks
Wanda Green
Cristin "CJ" Bass
Jacqueline "Jacquee" Curiton
Latoya Osborn
Trinicka Harden
Frank Gray
Nancy Vrbka
Katie Chesnut
Lisa Horton
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Gemycah Johnson
Michala Zimmerman
Tana Giermann
Erica Kreisler
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Ashley Bayley
Jacqueline Riley

Heather Saak - Training and Development/Parent Aide Educator

Parent Mentors:
Sarah Hunt
Cassandra Pope
Samantha Haley
Jennifer Smith
Julie Foster
Kim Taylor
Kim Taylor
Julia Foster