Nicholas graduated from the University of Kentucky with his Master's Degree in Social Work. Nicholas pursued mental health to help others. Nicholas has a passion for helping people manage their daily lives, conquering their fears, and developing adequate coping skills and ways to effectively communicate with others. Nicholas has over 8 years in the field of Social Work and has worked in Private Practice for several of those years. One of Nicholas's skill sets is being able to effectively work with high conflict cases including divorce cases and/or mediation cases. Nicholas is a trained mediator and is willing to provide mediation services if they arise. Nicholas is trained in helping parents learn parenting strategies as well as supervising parent/child visits and providing supportive and reflective guidance in becoming a better parent. Nicholas also works with individuals managing depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, LGBTQ+, and foster/adoption cases. Nicholas does provide Trauma Art Narrative Therapy, Client-Centered Focus Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and good old Talk Therapy. Nicholas will work with children ages 6+ to our older folks over the age of 65. Nicholas has worked with various professions including Fireman, Police Officers, Therapists, Doctors, Lawyers, and many others while ensuring that anonymity is key.




Lisa specializes in conflict resolution. She has mediation training which helps her specialize in working with high conflict families, including children and adults. Lisa provides individual counseling and family therapy. Lisa provides co-parenting for high conflict parents where there may be alienation, difficulty in decision making, poor communication, anger and hostility. She has experience in working with some of the best family law attorneys in the Kansas City metro area and surrounding counties. She is educated in Overcoming Barriers including parent/child contact problems and a member of the AFCC. She is also a volunteer with CASA. Lisa strives to stay neutral in her approach with parents and their respective parenting styles. Lisa has been an expert witness in multiple court cases in Jackson, Cass and Clay County. Lisa is familiar with her role in legal cases and engages in regular communication with professionals involved in the legal case. Lisa strives to maintain objectivity while building a therapeutic relationship with each family member and helping them navigate through highly stressful circumstances. Lisa also continues to maintain her support with families following settlement.



Programs Manager

Whitney has worked in the Social Work field since she graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2006 with a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. She started her career with the Division of Youth Services working with at-risk youth that struggled with trauma and criminal activities resulting in the need to complete an intense trauma, rehabilitation treatment, and educational program. She took on many promotions within that agency. In 2012, she and her husband decided they wanted to give children in need of a loving, caring home and went through the training process to become foster parents. This was the best decision of their lives, as they now have a beautiful daughter adopted through foster care. They have fostered 5 children and have two beautiful, full of energy biological boys. After leaving the Division of Youth Services, she took a job with Foster Adopt Connect formerly known as MFCAA as a Licensing Worker and then got promoted as the Program Manager to start up the Behavioral Intervention Program. Then a door opened to become a Social Worker and Behavioral Intervention with a few Charter Schools in KCMO. Whitney's passion is to give these loving children that feel they have no one in their corner the best support, guidance, love, and advocacy needed to make them feel they are cared about and most of all heard. She believes in working with biological families to help establish a rapport with them to develop trust and to help them learn the skills needed to possibly regain custody. She believes in being an advocate for foster families as it is a hard job and she can relate as she has been a foster parent. But, also realizes the importance of giving guidance and support to the biological families to help them make those connections to break those trauma cycles. She is so thrilled to begin working with Empowering Parents KC and can't wait to see what the future hold for this great agency. Her main goal is to work together, with the community, care team, legal team, foster families, and custodial parents in order to do what is in the best interest of these children dealing with such uncertainty. She is beyond excited that God has placed her on this path!!


Office Manager:

Sarah Kleinsmith

Nicholas Bracken, LCSW
Lisa Erickson, LCSW
Kelly England, LCSW
Rachel Ulrich, LMSW
Christine Barr, LCSW
Brittani Williams, LCSW

Katie Howard - LMSW

Crystal Rausch - LMSW

Tiffany Nay - LCSW - Parenting Assessment Provider

Program Manager:

Whitney Giffin

Parent Aides
Jessica Royer
Michele Shaad
Kathleen Hendricks
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Heather Saak - Training and Development/Parent Aide Educator


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