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Children's Division: Parent Aide services include the placement of a trained parent aide in the home of a family authorized by Children's Division as part of the family/client's case service plan. The family must have an open Family Centered Services and/or Family Centered Out of Home Care case with Children's Division. At least one parent and one child must be present. Services will be provided primarily in the home of the family/client. The contractor may assist the parent(s) in the development of parenting and home management skills through both teaching and modeling, with the goal of reaching an acceptable level of family functioning, including maintenance of the physical environment. We have developed a new program (Coming in 2020) that will engage parents and the parent aides in the process of working together in more of a fluid approach. Our handbooks should help all parties of interest and most importantly focus on reunification of the parent and child.

Private Pay: Generally, services start in our office setting where you will have a room with yourself and your child/ren and a parent aide. This parent aide will be in sight and sound of all discussion and activities done between parent/child. This program is usually court ordered but, at times, parent’s can agree to use our services. This service is provided on a sliding fee scale. This can be supervised either by a parent aide or by a therapist, based on need. Our job is to ensure the safety and security of the children and provide the parent that we are supervising with education and assistance, as needed.





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