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Assessments are the first stage of a treatment process, but mental health assessments may also be used for other varying purposes. The assessment includes social and biographical information and direct observations. An assessment is most commonly carried out for clinical and therapeutic purposes, to establish a diagnosis and formulation of the individual's needs, as well as to plan the individual's care and treatment. Assessments will be provided at Empowering Parents.


Family Therapy: The focus of this service is to correct family dysfunction so that the children of the family may remain in their home rather than be placed in alternative care or, if in placement, be reunited with the family. The service should be of limited duration, generally three months to two years. Services shall include family therapy sessions, if recommended, including structured interaction led by the provider, communication exercises, role playing, task assignment and analysis, and parenting skills training. This service is provided on a sliding fee scale or insurance basis.

Individual Therapy: The focus of this service is to provide one-on-one services with clients to focus on their specific needs. The goal is to work through whatever concerns or issues that has caused great distress into their lives. This process should help clients find ways to master coping skills and talk through various problems and receive open and honest feedback in ways to address certain situations. This service is provided by a sliding fee scale or insurance basis.


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This is not considered “therapy” as this service is primarily necessary to work with adults who have high conflict in raising children. This service is utilized in circuit and family court and goals are to teach parents how to work together. The goal is to specifically work on the issues at hand and how parents can find a way in parenting their children with minimal friction. This is not used as a mediation tool, however; if we are successful than it is possible a parenting plan can be utilized. This is not an insurance-based program and will be utilized through the sliding fee scale.